Tearing Down The Walls


”Tearing Down The Walls” is out now!
It's about the walls we build between countries, ethnicities and religion.
Gender, betrayal, self-esteem, trust. 
All these walls we as individuals and society must tear down in order to live in harmony with the world and ourselves!

Big love to Paul Epworth and HYENA for writing it with me 💞

Listen: https://lnk.to/TDTWAW
Watch: https://lnk.to/EliasVideoAW


I have decided to postpone my album for a little longer.

I've been working long and hard with the music for my debut album but I am not yet 100% satisfied with every tone and every lyrical line. 
I really want to give you all the best album possible and soon I will! But not just yet.

This decision also results in that my performance that I've dreamt of sharing with you at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theatre will be postponed.
Sorry but thank you a million to all of you who bought tickets!

Looking forward to sharing my music with you, hold on.
Thank you for your patience ️💞